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Susan Harwood Training Course
July 27, 2021

NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association is pleased to offer a comprehensive 5G–Small Cell Deployment Training for industry employees and employers. The curriculum will  address Fall Prevention in the Construction Industry, with an emphasis on small cell deployment safety practices that are necessary to understand in order to keep workers safe while building and maintaining next generation wireless sites.

Learn more about the upcoming courses, below:

5G-Small Cell Deployment Training Flyer 2021 rev 7-20-21 E-FILE


For Immediate Release:
April 17, 2019NATE Debuts #ClimberConnection Video on Industry Step-Bolt Testing ResultsVideo Highlights Key Findings on Step-Bolts Designed to Enhance the Safety of Tower Technicians Working at Heights(Scottsdale, Arizona) – NATE today released a video that was produced as a result of several prominent industry step-bolt testing events that were conducted at the University of Dayton Resarch Institute (UDRI) in Dayton, Ohio. The #ClimberConnection video, entitled “To Tie-Off or Not to Tie-Off”, contains important safety information that the industry’s tower technician workforce needs to know before working on tower structures installed with step-bolts. The informative video was unveiled at the 2019 Wireless West Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.The video shows jaw-dropping footage of the static and dynamic drop tests that were  performed at the UDRI facility in order to test the strength of step-bolts. The video reinforces the key findings of the testing that 5/8” step bolts, while suitable for climbing, DO NOT have the capacity to be used as an anchorage for any type of personal fall arrest systems.

“The information contained in this video should be utilized by every company and worker in the industry as a training tool as it contains important step-bolt related information derived from our testing,” said NATE Board of Directors member John Paul Jones, who helped spearhead the testing activities. “I would like to thank all of the manufacturers, tower owner/vertical realtor firms, contractor companies and technicians who collaborated together on these testing initiatives. The results obtained from the testing will ultimately help create a safer environment for the men and women working at elevation on monopole towers,” Jones added.

Click HERE to watch the Step-Bolt Testing video. NATE encourages tower technicians and industry stakeholders to actively participate in this campaign by posting the video on their respective social networking platforms using the hashtag #ClimberConnection. NATE also encourages industry workers to share their comments on the video through social interaction on the Association’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Climber Connection Volume 4 campaign was developed by the NATE Member Services Committee in conjunction with the NATE Safety & Education Committee and is designed to provide specific resources and communicate the Association’s message directly to the industry’s workforce.

Visit HERE to watch the Tower Family Foundation and NATE UNITE 2019 Recap videos that were previously released as part of the Volume 4 edition of the Climber Connection video series.

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About National Association of Tower Erectors

National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) is a non-profit trade association in the wireless infrastructure industry providing a unified voice for tower erection, service and maintenance companies. Today the Association boasts over 880 member companies located throughout the United States, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, China, Guam, Israel, Jamaica, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Trinidad and the United Kingdom. For additional information on NATE, please visit

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OSHA Report on Fordland, MO Tower Collapse


TXWA Safety Committee Mission Statement

To be an abundant resource for our membership that provides guidelines, best practices and information to prevent accidents and fatalities through training and education with the end goal being a safer, more efficient and profitable workforce.

From the Chairman:
Thank You for visiting our new Safety Corner page on our website. All of us at TXWA hope this small corner of our website will be a huge benefit to your company and your employees. If there is ever any information that you think is important in the world of safety that relates to our industry, please e-mail me at and I will make sure it is added to this page.

This is where you can come for the latest download of what’s going on in the Telecommunications Tower Industry’s Safety and Training side!

There has been tremendous changes in our great industry in the last few years and at the pace that it is occurring we want our members to have the most up to date Safety information available. Follow the links below for the latest industry standards and information.


New Training Standards will bring big changes in the way we will train and certify our climbers in the near future!

The National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) and the Tower Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (TIRAP) are going to provide a set of pathways for training and credentialing our industry workers that is going to help level the playing field on all levels. The goal is to reduce incidents and fatalities and improve profitability and reduced insurance rates at the same time. These programs have complete buy in from the Carriers, Tower Owners and General Contractors. We will keep the membership posted on the development of these new programs!

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OSHA’s RFI to the Telecommunications Industry concerning Tower Safety and Training on April 15, 2015
OSHA released a 38 question Request for Information to the telecommunications Tower Industry asking for industry comment and participation on what the dangers are, what levels of training are being performed, what economic impacts have been experienced, what hazards we face each day and what needs to be done about them… The list is long!

The folks at OSHA are asking for our help and all of us on the TXWA Safety Committee are asking all of you to please take advantage of this very important opportunity to be a part of the solution. Your response to these questions is 100% anonymous has created an interactive portal for ease of answering. OSHA is considering writing regulations concerning our industry. We do NOT want them doing this without our input!
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The TIA-322 is available for purchase NOW!!

TIA-322 2016 edition, August 22, 2016 The Loading, Analysis and Design Criteria Related to the Installation, Alteration and Maintenance of Communications Structures.

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ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code
The ANSI/ASSE Z359 Fall Protection Code Package.
The Z359 Fall Protection Code package includes: ANSI/ASSE Z359.0-2007 – Definitions and Nomenclature Used for Fall Protection and Fall Arrest; ANSI/ASSE Z359.1-2007 – Safety Requirements for Personal Fall Arrest Systems, Subsystems and Components; ANSI/ASSE Z359.2-2007 – Minimum Requirements for a Comprehensive Managed Fall Protection Program; ANSI/ASSE Z359.3-2007 – Safety Requirements for Positioning and Travel Restraint Systems; ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2007 – Safety Requirements for Assisted-Rescue and Self-Rescue Systems, Subsystems and Components; ANSI/ASSE Z359.6-2009 Specifications and Design Requirements for Active Fall Protection Systems; ANSI/ASSE Z359.12-2009 Connecting Components for Personal Fall Arrest System; ANSI/ASSE Z359.13-2009 Personal Energy Absorbers and Energy Absorbing Lanyards; ANSI/ASSE Z359.1-1992 (R1999) – Historical Document
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ANSI/EIA/TIA-222, Structural Steel Standards for Steel Antenna Towers and Supporting Structures standard
This Standard provides the requirements for the structural design and fabrication of new and the modification of existing structural antennas, antenna-supporting structures, mounts, structural components, guy assemblies, insulators and foundations.
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ANSI 10.48 Criteria for Safety Practices with the Construction, Demolition, Modification and Maintenance of Telecommunication Structures in the USA

(This document is still under technical review and is not yet released by ASSE/ANSI.)


The following is a list of the completed chapters of this document. When it is released it will be the Tower Industry’s guide to the best practices for all Telecommunications structure work. Stay tuned!


2015 NATE Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard

The Fourth Edition of the NATE Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard (NATE CTS) is now available. The NATE CTS was developed to establish the minimum requirements to which all tower climbers should be trained. The NATE CTS outlines individual standards for varying levels of tower climber expertise: Authorized Climber, Competent Climber, Authorized Rescuer and Competent Rescuer.

NATE is proud to offer this document to the industry to better facilitate training and improve safety. The 103 pages of educational objectives, learning conditions, and performance standards for each individual component of training bring consistency to the training process, whether climbers are trained in-house or via commercial training organizations. The document also contains a Course Training Plan to demonstrate how to implement and utilize the NATE CTS. If you are not a NATE member company this document will not be available to you.

Please consider joining the National Association of Tower Erectors by visiting and become a part of the SAFEST Tower Companies operating in our Country. For more information please e mail me at
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The NATE EXCHANGE is a convenient, consumer-driven, “one-stop-shop” platform for tower construction and maintenance companies and individual tower technicians to gain access to the most sophisticated and up-to-date training courses in the tower industry. Additionally, if you are a NATE member company, you will qualify for discounted rates on designated training courses offered on this exchange portal.

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JP Jones, Chairman
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